The District

Louisiana’s Constitution and laws carve the state into Judicial Districts, some of which are single-parish but most of which consist or two or three similar contiguous parishes. Each Judicial District has an elected District Attorney and one or more elected District Judges, each of whom serve six-year terms. The parishes of West Carroll, Richland, and Franklin constitute the Fifth Judicial District. Penny W. Douciere is the District Attorney of the Fifth Judicial District.

The district’s population is about 53,000, with about 21,000 people in both Franklin and Richland and a little more than 11,000 in West Carroll Parish. The economy is based primarily on agriculture, with several large industrial concerns also providing jobs and stability to the area. Interstate 20 bisects Richland Parish on an east-west plane, with West Carroll to the north of Richland and Franklin to the south. Major north-south arteries include LA 17 and US 425. The area also boasts significant opportunities for recreation, including boating, hunting, and fishing.

Office Locations

  • District Attorney Penny Douciere
    PO Box 876 • Rayville, LA 71269
    318.728.6451 •
  • Franklin Parish District Attorney's Office
    6568 Main St, 2nd Flr • Winnsboro, LA 71295
    318.435.3386 •
    Located in Franklin Parish Courthouse,
    Second Floor
  • Richland Parish District Attorney's Office
    PO Box 417 • Rayville, LA 71269
    318.728.3166 •
    Located in Richland Parish Courthouse,
    Second Floor
  • West Carroll Parish District Attorney's Office
    PO Box 1209 • Oak Grove, LA 71269
    318.428.3213 •
    Located in West Carroll Parish Courthouse,
    Second Floor

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