Victim Assistance Coordinator

The Victim Assistance Coordinator (VAC) supports victims of crimes and their families at every step of the criminal justice system.

Under Louisiana law, crime victims are entitled to information about the way the offense is handled. Because the processes and terminology of the justice system are often unclear to those unfamiliar with it, the District Attorney’s Victim Assistance Coordinator acts as a translator and facilitator to make sure victims understand what is happening to their case.

The VAC will mail notices to victims of crimes specified in the law to afford them the chance to register to be assisted by the office. Services include written notification of the defendant’s significant court dates and information about what could happen on those dates; moreover, the VAC will typically be present at court appearances to provide assistance to the victim. Under certain circumstances, the VAC may be able to arrange support or counseling for crime victims. The VAC can also assist the victim to apply to the Crime Victim Reparation Fund for reimbursement of expenses caused by the crime.

If a prosecution results in a plea or conviction, the VAC solicits input from the victim of the crime concerning the potential punishment to be given to the defendant. If the sentence includes incarceration, the VAC can also help victims register with the Department of Corrections to be kept notified of any changes in the defendant’s status. The assistance continues with notification of the defendant’s parole status and written notice of any hearing regarding the defendant’s case.

The Fifth Judicial District Victim Assistance Coordinator is Debby Colson.

Office Locations

  • District Attorney Penny Douciere
    PO Box 876 • Rayville, LA 71269
    318.728.6451 •
  • Franklin Parish District Attorney's Office
    6568 Main St, 2nd Flr • Winnsboro, LA 71295
    318.435.3386 •
    Located in Franklin Parish Courthouse,
    Second Floor
  • Richland Parish District Attorney's Office
    PO Box 417 • Rayville, LA 71269
    318.728.3166 •
    Located in Richland Parish Courthouse,
    Second Floor
  • West Carroll Parish District Attorney's Office
    PO Box 1209 • Oak Grove, LA 71269
    318.428.3213 •
    Located in West Carroll Parish Courthouse,
    Second Floor

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