Traffic Citations

If you’ve received a traffic citation in West Carroll, Richland, or Franklin Parish, the following information explains the adjudication process.

You may pay the fine for most citations before the court date listed at the bottom of the ticket. If you do this, in most cases you will not have to go to court and all processes on the ticket will be completed. Call the Sheriff’s Office in the parish of the violation workdays between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to get the amount of the fine. Use a cashier’s check or money order to pay the fine. Send a copy of the citation with your payment. Contact and mailing information follow:

Franklin Parish Sheriff’s Office
6556 Main St
Winnsboro, LA 71295

Richland Parish Sheriff’s Office
708 Julia St
Rayville, LA 71269

West Carroll Parish Sheriff’s Office
PO Box 744
Oak Grove, LA 71263

If you wish to contest the violation, go to court on the appointed day and enter a plea of not guilty; the judge will set a subsequent trial date. If you do not wish to contest the violation, but need more time to pay the fine, you may go to court, plead guilty to the offense, and ask the judge for time to pay the fine. Generally, you will be granted an extension on payment until the next court date, one to two months later.

If you do not pay the fine or come to court, after a short grace period there will be additional penalties, to include the suspension of your driver’s license, a $50 late fee, and the issuance of a warrant for your arrest with an accompanying fine of $332.50 for failure to appear.

If you have any unresolved questions concerning the citation, including the potential to pay online, send an email to [email protected]. If you do not have access to email, call the District Attorney Central Ticket Office at 318.728.9667. For the most efficient handling of your questions, wait about four weeks after the issuance of the citation before making the contact to allow time for the ticket to be transmitted to the District Attorney’s Office; no action can be taken until the ticket has been received. Similarly, please make the contact at least two weeks before your court date to make sure there’s enough time available to address your request or question before the ticket is placed on the court docket; generally, once the ticket is on the docket, it will stand as written.

If your license has been suspended for failure to pay a citation in the Fifth Judicial District, please call the district attorney’s office in the parish of your violation for information on how to get your license reinstated.

Office Locations

  • District Attorney Penny Douciere
    PO Box 876 • Rayville, LA 71269
    318.728.6451 •
  • Franklin Parish District Attorney's Office
    6568 Main St, 2nd Flr • Winnsboro, LA 71295
    318.435.3386 •
    Located in Franklin Parish Courthouse,
    Second Floor
  • Richland Parish District Attorney's Office
    PO Box 417 • Rayville, LA 71269
    318.728.3166 •
    Located in Richland Parish Courthouse,
    Second Floor
  • West Carroll Parish District Attorney's Office
    PO Box 1209 • Oak Grove, LA 71269
    318.428.3213 •
    Located in West Carroll Parish Courthouse,
    Second Floor

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